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Extended Gyroplane Discovery Adventure "Day Out"

If your discovery interest is stronger, and you'd like to experience some of the gyroplane lifestyle, beyond just practicing landings and maneuvers, we have an extended introductory morning or afternoon plan available that mimics a 'day in the life' of what we often do.


Together with the CFI, you would partake in the aircraft preflight inspection, and a bit of cross country flight planning instruction. We would takeoff and fly toward another local airport, exploring different sites along the way.  Your input would be welcome concerning things to see. We might do some maneuvers enroute, some practice landings, then perform post-flight inspections at the destination.  We'll enjoy a nice break, relaxing with a bit of breakfast or lunch as we debrief the first flight, and think about the return flight.  When it's time to head home, we'll do it all in reverse and fly back to Frederick.  Additional stops are optional as well.


The cost of this would vary due to the destination, but would be calculated at $250 per engine hour.  (Planning 65 kts Airspeed) Since the CFI does not charge for ground time, both meals are on your ticket!  (Thank You)


Sample destinations from KFDK.  All qualify for the required cross-country portion of training:

KHGR - Hagerstown, MD. 25 miles.  A great restaurant at the airport.

W05 - Gettysburg, PA.  26 miles.  about a 20 minute walk into town, through parts of the battlefield.

KMRB - Martinsburg, WV.  28 miles.  Great runway.  One great restaurant on the field.

KTHV - York, PA.  37 miles.  Nice diner about a mile away.  They usually offer a courtesy car.

KOKV - Winchester, VA.  39 miles.  No food at the airport, but great if we get a courtesy car

N94 - Carlisle, PA.  47 miles.  A nice walk into the historic town. 

KCXY - Harrisburg, PA. 54 miles. A few places nearby.  The FBO hangar is historic art deco design.

KLNS - Lancaster, PA. 65 miles.  Awesome restaurant right at the airport.

S37 - Smoketown (Lancaster, PA). 66 miles.  Many great cafes within an easy walk.


















These are just samples.  There are many more options, as we also have the ability to enter the SFRA (Special Flight Restricted Area) that surrounds Washington DC.  FYI: Entering the SFRA would require me to fly in the front seat, even if you have been trained and approved to fly front seat.

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