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Meet your Pilot

I'm Frank, and I'll be your Gyroplane Instructor Pilot.  I have 30+ years of experience in aviation, and have been a certified pilot for nearly 20 years.


I have an extensive military background.  I began straight from high school as an aircrew member on AWACS Aircraft in the US Air Force for about 5 years.  After the Air Force, I joined the Air National Guard, and spent nearly 10 years as a Flight Engineer on C-130E aircraft.   In 2000, I was commissioned to became a Military Pilot in the Maryland Air National Guard, assigned to fly my favorite military airplane, the C-130J Hercules for nearly 10 years more.  When that aircraft was 'BRACed', I transfered to the West Virginia Air National Guard.  There I flew the large C-5 Galaxy aircraft for a few years, then qualified and flew my final military aircraft: the C-17 Globemaster. 

I am also a Regional Airline Pilot at Commutair Airlines, (United Express) with an ATP rating. 

All that stuff looks great on a resume, and I'm proud of my background, but I don't define myself by it.  I like to keep things simple.

I got back into General Aviation in 2008, with the impromptu purchase of a Powered Parachute.  I was drawn into the simplicity of flying without an autopilot, flight plan or GPS.  I realized I really enjoy the basics of flying, more than I do the high performance and technology. I still own my PPC and look forward to flying her more in the future.

I was (re) introduced to Gyroplanes in 2014, and they quickly became my favorite flying experience to date.  They offer many of the same experiences of a Powered Parachute, but without the wind limitations that keeps PPCs on the ground more.  You can fly a Gyroplane faster, farther, and much more often.  It's a big plus that they are so easy to fly, safe, and affordable.. 

I must emphasize that I am currently a one-man operation, and that I have a full time flying job.  I do this Gyro stuff on the side because I love it, and as a service to you.  I say this because I believe I have frustrated one or two people by not responding immediately to an email or phone message while on the road, or by not being immediately available to fly.  Please be patient.

I want to share this aviation experience with everyone that is willing, and a few that aren't... 

Come fly with me!

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