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Introductory Gyroplane Discovery Flight

Would you like to experience the freedom of flight in the open air?  Without the confines of an enclosed cockpit to restrict your sensations?  Have you always wanted to fly a rotorcraft, but not sure if you’re ready to take the full plunge to earn the pilot rating?


Try a discovery flight!  Ride along in our AutoGyro MTO Sport as a certified flight instructor (CFI) demonstrates the joys of Gyroplane flight.


In this approximately 90-minute experience, you can learn as much as you want, or sit back and enjoy the ride.  You can bring along some non-flying guests to observe all ground activities, but you are the priority.  We encourage you to follow along and ask questions as we go.  We'll perform a preflight inspection on the aircraft, and check the weather forecast to determine which direction to fly. 

In the air, you'll have the option of remaining within the airport flight pattern to experience multiple takeoffs and landings, or departing the airport flight pattern to explore a bit.   The most common flight itinerary includes one or two practice landings at the airport, and a 'half circle' flight around the Frederick area, with views of downtown Frederick and some open spaces. Most flights don't go further than 5 miles from the airport.

When we return, you'll experience the shortest landing you may ever witness.  We'll finish with a post-flight debrief, and discuss further training options if desired.  If you have a logbook, you may count your flight time as a student, which may apply toward possible future flight training in a Gyroplane or other aircraft.


These flights are sometimes used to 'convince' a spouse that a gyroplane is a necessary purchase, (wink wink nudge nudge) Your results may vary. 

An AutoGyro MTO Sport discovery flight costs just $150! You can expect to be in the air for roughly 30 minutes.  Bring multiple people to fly for a group discount!

Longer flights are available for an additional rate.  They are great for extending the experience or flying over a particular landmark.  Instructional rate of $250 per engine hour applies.






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